TLV summer street fashion

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Photo trip to Tel-Aviv streets  at one of August friday. What is the view of israeli young people of fashion and style…?

IMG_1029 IMG_1041 IMG_1051 IMG_1043 IMG_1231 IMG_1086 IMG_1052 IMG_1066 IMG_1070 IMG_1075 IMG_1078 IMG_1079 IMG_1098 IMG_1101 IMG_1105 IMG_1123 IMG_1145 IMG_1146 IMG_1150 IMG_1156 IMG_1157  IMG_1177 IMG_1181 IMG_1183 IMG_1189 IMG_1190 IMG_1191 IMG_1202 IMG_1207 IMG_1212 IMG_1214 IMG_1215 IMG_1216 IMG_1222 IMG_1225 IMG_1229


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